Focus on your application

Let us help manage your infrastructure so you can focus on what’s important. Build apps without worrying about IT tasks or waiting days to get servers ready for writing code.

What we offer

Cloud Applications

Create a PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js environment less than 60 seconds. We also provide a lot known and popular databases.

Pay as you grow

Simple, fast, cost-effective! Appnestic provides the ultimate platform for your application. Pay only for using resources.

Auto-scale resources

Appnestic monitors application resources and increase it if application needs more memory, disk or CPU units.

Auto deploy

We can integrate with GIT/Mercurial repositories and update application code after pushing to repository.

1-Click applications

Install your favorite CMS or blogging engine in one click. We support a lot of packages for blogging, e-commerce, etc.

Managed DNS

We provide a Managed DNS service for all our customers. Reliable, powerful, affordable DNS hosting for different regions.